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Match reports from 29th September

Mxd 1 v Vision

An emphatic 8-1 victory for the new look Clandon 1st team.Skipper Lisa and Craig ‘JUMP SMASH TIL I CANT JUMP NO MORE’winning 3 in style.Sarah’POLO GIRL’ Pearce paired with the highly tuned Ferrari that is Steve Perkins were cruising until his engine developed a slight misfire(turned ankle).A quick pit stop at change of ends and the opposition were soon roasting in the heat of his afterburner,3 wins as expected.Mademoiselle Nurse and THE FIREMAN got full value for money,winning 2 out of 3 hard fought three setters.


Tough opening match against strong Bourne side.All Clandon pairs were untried in battle yet performed well.Carys/Richard winning 2,Tim and a slightly hobbling Juliet got one.New kid on the block James Molloy had never before played in an adult match yet took 2 of his 3 matches to 3 sets playing with Nicky P.Great debut,watch out for the youngster!

David Greatorex
Selection Supremo

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  1. Papillon says:

    Thanks for putting up a match report Dave. Its brilliant!!!

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