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History of Clandon Badminton Club

The game of badminton was first invented in 1873 and named after Badminton House, Gloucestershire, where it was first played. The shuttlecock, a cork base with real feathers and a battledore was used to strike it. This was a wooden round bat or racquet. The game was known as Shuttlecock and Battledore or Badminton.

Lord Onslow gave land for a village hall to be built in West Clandon. The builder, a Mr Williams who liked the game, was responsible for building the hall with extra brick height, for the game of Badminton to be played.

In the newly built hall, the Queen’s Club Clandon started. This was a very social and elite affair, for an enthusiastic group of local people. From the onset of World War 11, (1939) all village halls were used for other activities and badminton in Clandon, had to stop.

After the war, some of the Queen’s Club Members went to play with the Cygnet Club, at the Drill Hall in Godalming. Then in 1946 the players returned to the Clandon Village Hall (Among these players were Hilda Hansell and her husband Bob.) The Club was known now as ‘Queen’s Badminton Club’ Clandon.

Queen’s Badminton Club, entered a mixed team in the South London League and won the league title the following year.

The Guildford League was started ( Bob Hansell was the instigator, with John Field of Clandon and other Godalming members). The 5 founder clubs were: Queen’s Clandon, Cygnet Godalming, St. Saviours, Stoke and Worplesdon. Bob Hansell gave 2 challenge cups to the league for the Mens and Mixed Doubles.The league also started a tournament for mens and ladies singles, mens and ladies doubles and mixed doubles. Queen’s Clandon names were well represented as winners. Over the years the league had divisions, the tournaments grew and Queen’s Clandon continued to keep their name in the forefront.

When Hilda Hansell retired from playing badminton, she presented the club with a silver challenge cup. The following year the club started a Hansell Tournament (Mixed Handicap) to be held at the end of each season. Each year Hilda Hansell has returned to present the Challenge Cup.

Check out the names of the Winners – Hansell Hall of Fame

The Club changed it’s name to Clandon Badminton Club.

The Guildford League presented Clandon, one of the 5 founder members of the league, with a plaque to mark their 40th anniversary.

A positive decision was made by the club, at the AGM to move from Clandon Village Hall to St. Peter’s Sports Hall, Merrow. Debs Geaves and Janet Kidd, researched and negotiated the move. The extra court space enable the club the thrive

Clandon starts a Junior Club offering coaching in two sessions for 8 – 12 and 12 – 16 year olds. The Junior Club is immediately oversubscribed showing that there is big demand for junior badminton in the Guildford area

In July we had a BBQ and party at the Clandon Village Hall to celebrate our 80th birthday, see photo gallery for pictures.

Clandon has a team in each Surrey Division 1 for Ladies, Mens and Mixed – a first in the Club’s history.


April, the  most exciting move yet to the Surrey Sports Park in Guildford! Later that year we have a very positive full page spread in Courtside, the Badminton England magazine. Check out the article – Courtside Article

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